Ron Morelli

Punk and House music, it’s the same to me. You just keep seek­ing out new sounds always regard­less of genres.”

Ron Morelli

It’s hard to over-state the influ­ence Ron Morel­li has had on con­tem­po­rary elec­tron­ic music world over the last ten years. As head of the vital L.I.E.S. label, and as a DJ and a pro­duc­er, he has, in his own words, unin­ten­tion­al­ly” shak­en things up with a for­ward think­ing son­ic aes­thet­ic which evolved from a tight knit group in his local NYC scene. Now glob­al­ly recog­nised (and often imi­tat­ed) Morel­li is known as the cen­ter­piece of this new wave, con­tin­u­ing to con­found expec­ta­tion with each new move, always with the goal of evolv­ing in one form or another. 

Work­ing at the world reknown A1 Record shop in Man­hat­tan, Morel­li had been kick­ing around the scene since the late 90s, but it was in 2010 he got deserved recog­ni­tion as an artist, carv­ing his own path by start­ing his label. Oper­at­ing at an unre­lent­ing pace not seen since labels of the 90s, L.I.E.S. has released more than 100 records since the labels incep­tion and con­tin­ues to be a wide­ly respect­ed insti­tu­tion as the years pass.

Diverse as a dj, Ron is known to play across the board, equal­ly skilled delv­ing into the worlds of tech­no, house, or even dis­co depend­ing on the cir­cum­stances at hand, his years behind the counter at A1 fuel­ing his knowl­edge. As a pro­duc­er he has released numer­ous EPs and three albums that all show­case a diverse breadth and depth in their approach­es, none stick­ing to a sin­gle for­mu­la. These releas­es have come exclu­sive­ly on Dom­inck Fer­now’s, Hos­pi­tal Pro­duc­tions label, where Morelli’s mix of gnarled tech­no and off beat sound design has found a very fit­ting home. They con­tin­ue to work very close­ly to date. 

Recent­ly a new live audio visu­al project has been devel­oped in col­lab­o­ra­tion with visu­al artist Flo­rence To, under the title of FAL­TAR. The project uses tech­niques of visu­al per­cep­tion and meth­ods of invert­ed qualia to exchange reac­tion with the audi­ence, the visu­als work­ing hand in hand with the music ini­ti­ates the move­ment of the image and alters the change of events’. The project debuted at Semi­breve Fes­ti­val in Por­tu­gal in 2016, while Ron also debuted his solo show at Berlin Aton­al 2016.

In a per­fect world one would DJ in a club with com­plete free­dom to play vary­ing styles from var­i­ous gen­res and not sim­ply hit peo­ple over the head with 4/4 dance beats to get the par­ty jumping.”

Ron Morelli

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