Sassy J

Hail­ing from the de fac­to beau­ti­ful Swiss cap­i­tal of Bern, Sassy J has a colour­ful and charm­ing sound informed by her sim­ple and hon­est love of music and emo­tion. She runs her own Patch­work night, does the art for each par­ty and has a pas­sion for sewing one off pieces of cloth­ing that mar­ry many dif­fer­ent tex­tures and styles in com­pelling ways, much like when she mix­es records. 

Sassy J has been pas­sion­ate­ly doing her do for 20 years now. In that time she has kept a focus on for­ward think­ing elec­tron­ic and ana­log sounds, has been a con­sis­tent­ly excit­ing DJ and has earned a rep­u­ta­tion amongst esteemed artists and fans that appre­ci­ate her unhur­ried style. Dri­ven by a feel for the occa­sion, a pas­sion to present new sounds and desire to leave a mark on her audi­ence, Sassy J has played every­where from Eglo Dance and Dek­man­tel to OHM and De School.

Always dig­ging for inspi­ra­tion and for those moments in life that make you go wow,’ Sassy’s hunt takes her into the worlds of trib­al art, fab­rics, books and more. She has found favour with The Tril­o­gy Tapes, Res­i­dent Advi­sor and Crack Mag­a­zine, all of whom she has done offi­cial mix­es for. A tac­tile and heart­felt selec­tor, a quest to real­ly take her lis­ten­ers some­where defines what she does. Sassy J likes to let her music breath and mar­i­nate, to take her time and let the moods and grooves she offers up real­ly sink in. Always shift­ing through sounds with real dynamism, it’s all these things that make her a stand­out voice in the DJ world.

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