SØS Gunver Ryberg

Music goes far beyond a source of enter­tain­ment for SØS Gun­ver Ryberg. She sees music as one of life’s true neces­si­ties. A medi­um that allows her to address the prob­lems and com­plex­i­ties of our time, a fun­da­men­tal theme that is deeply ingrained into her artistry. Through her work, she strives for diver­si­ty in expres­sion and main­tains val­ues of under­stand­ing, open­ness, con­scious lis­ten­ing, human­i­ty and inclu­sive­ness. For these rea­sons, her approach to music is built on the con­cept of a free man­i­fes­ta­tion of sound. 

Ryberg is an artist with many com­pelling strings to her bow. To try and cat­e­gorise her into one sin­gle dis­ci­pline is sim­ply not pos­si­ble. Her vast body of work extends through many forms but, most impor­tant­ly, is always found­ed upon her phi­los­o­phy — to explore the essence of exis­tence while being a voice in a com­mu­ni­ty that chal­lenges con­for­mi­ty and commercialism. 

Her ethos, curi­ous nature and thirst for self-chal­lenge have result­ed in genre-defy­ing elec­tron­ic music. Recog­nised for chal­leng­ing your state of con­scious­ness by trans­for­ma­tive music expe­ri­ences with insis­tent rhythms, com­bined with a metic­u­lous explo­ration of tex­tures and tim­bres. Raw sounds cre­at­ed from syn­the­sis and processed field record­ings are framed by sym­phon­ic forms and cre­ate a unique expres­siv­i­ty. In recent times she has best exem­plified this in her debut EP AFTRYK’ on Con­tort which Res­i­dent Advi­sor referred to as del­i­cate and fierce, beau­ti­ful and bru­tal, and com­plete­ly stun­ning all over.’ And equal­ly in her debut album Entan­gled’ on Avian which solidified itself into Mix­mag’s album of the month upon its release, amongst many oth­er rav­ing reviews. 

In the live expe­ri­ence, her unique school of thought and ener­gy cre­ate a dynam­ic and immer­sive show that alters mind and body. A craft that has been honed through a decade of com­po­si­tions for dance, per­for­mance art and the­atre, mul­ti­chan­nel instal­la­tions and exhi­bi­tion works, video games, film, com­mis­sioned pro­duc­tions, audio walks and live con­cert per­for­mances. And has nat­u­ral­ly tran­scend­ed into fes­ti­vals, clubs, muse­ums, gal­leries, cin­e­mas and church­es to more uncon­ven­tion­al con­texts like an under­wa­ter reser­voir, a run­ning metro train, a plan­e­tar­i­um and an old indus­tri­al ship. Not to be over­looked is Ryberg’s dili­gent atten­tion to acoustics and space cru­cial­ly explor­ing the rela­tion­ship between the two at every location.

With BAF­TA-nom­i­nat­ed works already under her belt and appear­ances at Aphex Twin curates, Berghain, Tre­sor, Nuit Sonores, Roskilde Fes­ti­val, Aton­al, Boil­er Room, CTM Fes­ti­val, DR Con­cert hall, ADE, Cor­si­ca Stu­dios, Flow Fes­ti­val, EKKO, Rewire and Today’s art SØS Gun­ver Ryberg is steadi­ly mak­ing her mark on elec­tron­ic music.

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