Woody92 is a visionary artist who’s musical craft runs parallel with a visual aesthetic resulting in very tangible outcomes. This highly expressive being draws influence from an array of external factors outside of music; subjects such as history, graphic design, the medieval era, the path of religion and the church (despite non-religious beliefs) all play a decisive role. He also keeps a tight circle of like-minded music heads many of which collectively shape the landscape of the Dutch underground scene.

His story as an artist can be traced back to his hometown of Delft, a quiet part of the Netherlands with little musical identity but crucially neighbours with bigger brother The Hague. That being said Woody still caught glimpses of the psychedelic Techno, mystical ambient, free tribal tekno and push forward goa and psy-trance movements but locally it failed to rival that of the likes of Rotterdam & Amsterdam. This left a very plain canvas which enabled Woody to paint his own sonic picture, tell a different story yet to be heard in his immediate proximity. With years of collecting digital files, CD’s and Vinyl throughout his teens, Woody would go on to hone his DJ skills at The Hague art academy and many after-parties. In time, he natural transcended into the club space finding a fitting home to fully express himself as an artist.

Ironing out his own identity with a transition from simply ‘Woody’ into his current moniker Woody92 empowered him to stamp out his vision with full force. He plots a meditative course from pensive ambient and mind-bending electronics, through psychoactive ritual and subdued goa, morphic psy, tripping techno into vital rhythm edged with unfurling and lysergic fractals. With his bi-monthly radio show ‘Neon Cleptu’ on LYL Radio in Lyon and ‘Theme Of Nevermore’ show on Red Light Radio, he demonstrates his appreciation and ability in the meditative, tribal, transcendental and trippy.

Woody92 has become a staple in the Dutch scene holding down residencies at local favourites such as De School & Garage Noord. He has made regular appearances at Dekmantel’s series of events from their mainstay in Amsterdam to Selectors in Croatia and more recently their XOYO residency in London. Last year he was invited for his debut performance on Boiler Room closing out a unique Chinatown restaurant rave in Antwerp. The obscure setting was a perfect match for Woody who showcased he is not afraid to take risks providing an enigmatic voyage through prolific peaks and horizontally inclined lows.

With a foot in several forthcoming projects and an unchallenged drive for self-expression, Woody92 is considered by all who encounter him as a very intriguing prospect.

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