Octopus Agents is an independent agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We represent a wide range of artists that have one thing in common: they all produce electronic music; perform it live or DJ around the world. Our job is to allow them to do that as often as possible by taking care of all other business.

We are connected to the electronic music scene worldwide, with dedicated and experienced agents working professionally to secure the best and most suitable opportunities on your behalf. Our main expertise, though, is taking on young or established artists and nurturing their careers. We like to see people grow, search out the best for them and help them on their way to success.

+31 (0) 20 737 0266

Bethaniëndwarsstraat 6D
1012 CB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

1% For The Planet

At Octopus Agents, we are committed to working towards a better future for the planet and all its inhabitants. That’s easy enough to write, but as the saying goes, it’s important to put your money where your mouth is. Therefore we decided to donate 1% of gross booking fees to three incredible causes, in collaboration with 1% For The Planet. Selected democratically by our team, these causes are Milieudefensie, Rewilding Europe and Women Engage For a Common Future International.

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