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Voices From The Lake

Among the serene Japan­ese moun­tain­scape dur­ing the 2011 incar­na­tion of Labyrinth fes­ti­val, a project now known as Voic­es from the Lake was born: the pre­des­tined col­lab­o­ra­tion of Dona­to Dozzy and Neel. The Ital­ian DJs, pro­duc­ers and long-time friends are non­con­formists of ambi­ent & left­field tech­no, both mas­ters of their craft before join­ing forces. Paint­ing vivid, mul­ti-lay­ered sound­scapes with slow­ly unfold­ing rhythm and tex­ture is the duo’s MO, a by-prod­uct of which, is pro­duc­ing some of the most inven­tive­ly entranc­ing ambi­ent tech­no in the scene. 

Their self-titled debut full length album was a prime exam­ple of the pair’s incred­i­ble ear for sound design. A col­lec­tion of spir­i­tu­al­ly charged tech­no, with a sub­tle pulse of syn­chro­nous ellip­ti­cal pat­terns rather than the rigid time sig­na­tures of tech­no. Wide­ly acclaimed as album of the year, the release ele­vat­ed them to the peak of exper­i­men­tal tech­no music. Their sec­ond album was decid­ed­ly more left­field, even more so irrev­er­ent of tech­no tropes. Live at MAXXI is a record­ing of a live per­for­mance from the Muse­um of Mod­ern Con­tem­po­rary Art in Rome, retain­ing the hyp­not­ic ambi­ence of the pre­vi­ous releas­es, this time with­draw­ing from an empha­sis on beats. 

In both live and record­ed set­tings, the pair explore exper­i­men­tal under­wa­ter sounds influ­enced by nature, drums, and min­i­mal­ism. 2022 will see them embark on a select num­ber of shows, where their first album from 2012 will be per­formed in full. All the while, the pair will be back in the stu­dio pro­duc­ing new music for the future, reassert­ing their posi­tion as one of the scene’s most refined ambi­ent tech­no projects. 

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Voices From The Lake: Remastered & Reissued

Voices From The Lake: Remastered & Reissued

Voices From The Lake's 2022 Comeback

Voices From The Lake's 2022 Comeback

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