Interstellar Funk

Inter­stel­lar Funk is always explor­ing dif­fer­ent sounds. It would be easy to repeat the tricks that saw him break­through, but instead, he prefers to have fun mix­ing up the old with the new and join the dots between inspi­ra­tions from the past and take risks on unknown futures. That way, he man­ages to keep both him­self and his dancers on their toes.

Olf van Elden has proven this time and time again with the breadth and depth of sounds he has served up. As a pro­duc­er, he con­tin­u­al­ly explores the fringes of the elec­tron­ic uni­verse. Work­ing under this alias but also Pri­vate Eyes and Faster Action, he effort­less­ly switch­es up the mood, tem­po, and atmos­phere of his music on labels such as L.I.E.S., Berceuse Hero­ique, Rush Hour, Dek­man­tel, and his own Arti­fi­cial Dance.

The label doesn’t spe­cial­ize in any par­tic­u­lar genre but evolves with each new release be it an unearthed cas­sette, reis­sue, or a record by an upcom­ing artist. And the label head him­self is no dif­fer­ent hav­ing recent­ly shift­ed away from club sounds to inves­ti­gate his own world of synth-based tex­tures, ambi­ent music, and effer­ves­cent beats.

As a DJ, van Elden is known for serv­ing up the unex­pect­ed at clubs and fes­ti­vals all over Europe, Aus­tralia, Asia, North and South Amer­i­ca. In autumn 2021, he debuted his live show at Draaimolen Fes­ti­val and Amsterdam’s Muziekge­bouw con­cert hall where lis­ten­ers were mes­mer­ized by tow­er­ing lay­ers of syn­the­siz­er and con­stant­ly mor­ph­ing drum machines. On top of this, his care­ful­ly curat­ed and bril­liant­ly obscure Arti­fi­cial Dancers — Waves of Synth com­pi­la­tion on Rush Hour became an instant clas­sic with unknown gems from the likes of The Human League and Chris & Cosey.

This love of tran­scend­ing sounds and scenes, gen­res, and gen­er­a­tions comes from years work­ing at the famous­ly influ­en­tial and eclec­tic Rush Hour record store, as well as trav­el­ing the world and pick­ing up his own glob­al influ­ences. Next up for the for­mer Trouw and De School res­i­dent is a debut artist album, Into The Echo, on Dek­man­tel in 2022. The inno­v­a­tive record mix­es up pen­sive melodies with haunt­ing post-indus­tri­al sound­scapes and euphor­ic synth arpeg­gios. It is the lat­est chap­ter in the ever-evolv­ing sto­ry of this rest­less musi­cal investigator.

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