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Mary Lake

Mary Lake: a son­ic adven­tur­er. With an inter­na­tion­al upbring­ing in Alge­ria, France and The Nether­lands, she seeks a voice through her music, trans­lat­ing inner dynam­ics in both club and explorato­ry settings.

As a DJ, Mary Lake serves up unortho­dox tech­no that defies con­ven­tion. Her sets are an irre­sistible invi­ta­tion to dance that echoes in both the under­ground haunts of De School and the revered tech­no tem­ples of Bassiani, Tre­sor and Berghain.

A famil­iar face in the Ams­ter­dam scene, she holds res­i­den­cy at Spiel­raum. Her live sets, such as at Dek­man­tel Fes­ti­val and Pos­i­tive Edu­ca­tion are hyp­not­ic yet brim­ming with an infec­tious ener­gy that keeps the audi­ence on the edge of their senses.

In the world of Mary Lake, music comes under the medi­um of sto­ry­telling. Her sig­na­ture is an ever-evolv­ing and for­ward-think­ing sound that push­es the bound­aries of genre. Adding to her reper­toire, she counts sev­er­al releas­es, includ­ing her debut EP on Nous’Klaer and an eager­ly antic­i­pat­ed sec­ond EP forth­com­ing on Dekmantel.

Latest updates

Mary Lake: Bassiani Podcast 209

Mary Lake: Bassiani Podcast 209

Mary Lake: Draaimolen festival 2023

Mary Lake: Draaimolen festival 2023

Welcome Mary Lake!

Welcome Mary Lake!

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