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House is a feel­ing.” In the world of DJ, pro­duc­er, and visu­al artist Kléo, aka Clélia Zida, the genre is a guid­ing light. French-born, Ams­ter­dam-based, her elec­tron­ic love affair start­ed two decades ago. Shaped by a dili­gent approach to vinyl’s tech­ni­cal­i­ty, Kléo’s sets span all forms of House. She leads every dance floor from her heart; emo­tion, ener­gy, and togeth­er­ness are its foun­da­tions. In her seam­less mix­es, you’ll hear the mood effort­less­ly shift­ing, across uplift­ing keys and emo­tion­al­ly charged vocal House, inject­ing a strong dose of Jer­sey Sound. The raw ener­gy of bang­ing jack­ing acid grooves with mind bend­ing 303 acid lines, onto the soul­ful machine-dri­ven rhythms of The Motor City, weav­ing it all togeth­er with the genre’s sig­na­ture deep­er chords and hyp­not­ic basslines.

Grow­ing up in the sub­urbs of Paris dur­ing the late 90s, Clé vivid­ly remem­bers the first time she heard Nuy­or­i­can Soul’s song, I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun”. In that moment, a spark ignit­ed inside her teenage self, one that still burns bright­ly. A pas­sion­ate and metic­u­lous crate dig­ger for 15 years, Kléo’s joy­ful obses­sion with ana­log cul­ture remains unchanged from her ear­ly days – dis­cov­er­ing every­thing from Chica­go house and NYC garage to obscure boo­gie and dis­co odd­i­ties, and always keep­ing both ears on mod­ern pro­duc­tions too. For­ev­er weav­ing a sto­ry with records, Kléo care­ful­ly selects each track from what is now a vast vinyl col­lec­tion. Sen­si­tive and fierce, she is an intu­itive force behind the decks.

In ear­ly 2024, Kléo launched the label Call 4 Rhythm’, with her debut self-pro­duced EP Agogo’. In keep­ing with the style of her DJ sets, the release is a mind-daz­ing invi­ta­tion to let go and dial in. The A‑side sets off nos­tal­gi­cal­ly, lin­ger­ing keys inter­weav­ing with men­ac­ing lines of acid between robust per­cus­sive beats. The B‑side is a dev­as­tat­ing Chica­go-infused ver­sion, a state­ment of force­ful yet elo­quent 303 exe­cu­tion. As much as the record is an authen­tic and rugged dance floor affair, it guards the spir­it and virtue of hon­esty, ele­ments which have been the back­bone of every art­form Kléo has shared over the years.

Beyond the dance floor, Kléo is a Rush Hour store crew mem­ber and a res­i­dent on Kiosk Radio with her radio show In-House’. Shar­ing Kléo’s cur­rent selec­tions from dance floor favorites to deep­er immer­sive cuts and every­thing groovy in between, it touch­es on all her influ­ences via Boo­gie, Dis­co & Jazz.

Kléo has graced clubs like De School, OHM, berlin­Club, 2044, Peti Kupe, and had reg­u­lar appear­ances at fes­ti­vals such as Dek­man­tel, Selec­tors, ADE, Lost Vil­lage, DGTL, and LOVE­FEST. Though her roots are amongst inti­mate dance floors, Kléo is no stranger to big stages either. No mat­ter the size or space, con­nec­tiv­i­ty with the crowd is key. Kléo believes in the fun­da­men­tal role club cul­ture plays in our soci­ety: to advo­cate for accep­tance, love, and diver­si­ty, offer­ing a safe space for all to be free to be your­self. As the great Lar­ry Heard asks, can you feel it?” When Kléo is at the decks, the answer is always a resound­ing yes.

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Kléo: Outsiders: In-House 19.04.2024

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