Kangding Ray

From his ear­ly releas­es on the leg­endary Ger­man imprint Raster-Noton, to his more recent, club-geared out­put, David Letel­li­er aka Kangding Ray traces a sin­gu­lar tra­jec­to­ry while nav­i­gat­ing the unex­plored ter­ri­to­ries between exper­i­men­tal music and dance music.

As a for­mer archi­tect, Kangding Ray’s mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary approach allows him to apply his craft in diverse fields such as visu­al arts, film scores, audio­vi­su­al instal­la­tions and dance performances.

In both his DJing and live per­for­mances, Kangding Ray pre­serves a gen­uine artis­tic approach, while care­ful­ly craft­ing a unique uni­verse, equal­ly focused on evok­ing an emo­tion­al response and a vis­cer­al impact on the listener.

He has a num­ber of crit­i­cal­ly-acclaimed releas­es, all of which test bound­aries while engag­ing both the body and the mind with his explo­ration of rhythm and texture.

Kangding Ray’s col­lab­o­ra­tive project Neon Cham­bers”, with Sigha, gained glob­al atten­tion since the pre­mière of their mind-bend­ing live show at the leg­endary Aton­al Fes­ti­val in Berlin. 

With only one EP released on the Dek­man­tel label, they have already played a num­ber of high-pro­file fes­ti­vals includ­ing Sonar Barcelona, Dek­man­tel Ams­ter­dam, Brave Fac­to­ry Kiev, Nowa Muzi­ka and Forte, paving the way for what is set to become an era-defin­ing record.

Since 2019, Kangding Ray has curat­ed his own imprint called ara” (About Record­ing Artists): a plat­form for artists with unique son­ic iden­ti­ties that seeks to induce deep emo­tion through sound.”

Latest updates

Kangding Ray's mix for HATE podcast

Kangding Ray's mix for HATE podcast

Kangding Ray's new audio-visual performance

Kangding Ray's new audio-visual performance

Octopus welcomes Kangding Ray

Octopus welcomes Kangding Ray

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