Dark Entries announces new album by The Hacker

French electronic wizard The Hacker has a new album coming out on Dark Entries.

The lengthy LP is called Le Théâtre des Opéra­tions” and proves he is as vital as ever after all these years at the top. Known for his rugged, macho elec­tro and raw tech­no styles, he does­n’t fall short again here across eight tracks. Con­struct­ed from robust met­al grooves and flash­es of synth, he ranges from slow and men­ac­ing to prick­ly and indus­tri­al. The long play­er is set to release on Novem­ber 15th. Miss Kit­tin fea­tures along the way and you can pre­view the trip­py and rugged elec­tro grooves of Under­wa­ter Sequence’ on RA.

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