Inverted Audio premieres Marco Shuttle’s Oscillate

The London based online magazine featured the Italian producer's latest EP in their premieres.

Avail­able for pur­chase in lit­tle over than a week the Eerie label boss marks their twelfth release with a 2 track EP. Invert­ed Audio described the EP as a groovy two-track­er brim­ming with trib­al rhyth­mics, 808 grooves and lush pads in addi­tion to some slight­ly Mid­dle East­ern-friend­ly son­ic tropes.’ And then went fur­ther into detail describ­ing the title track as ’ a deep, bub­bling burn­er of a track stretch­ing over 9 min­utes which fus­es an omi­nous synth­line with rapid-fire drums and kicks.’ Read more here.

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