Sebastian Mullaert double remix on Siamese

Adriatique’s Siamese label calls upon Sebastian Mullaert for two remixes of the same original cut.

After a string of carefully defined EP’s since its birth in 2016 Siamese launches their rework series offering fresh interpretations of previously released tracks by a selection of artists close to the label. The first edition calls upon Eduardo De La Calle, Siamese Soundsystem and a very familiar face in Sebastian Mullaert

As is often tradition, Sebastian delivers more than one alternative version of the track in question. ‘Patterns Of Eternity’ was originally released on the imprints first EP originally produced by label boss Adriatique. The first of two remixes, a lengthy 13.5-minute rework found below, is a longwinded journey made up of graceful melodic breakdowns which are subsequently met with powerful and energising drops. Sebastian uses soaring arpeggiated synth lines, warm bass notes and breaking beats to deliver an outlandish remix that will no doubt finds its way onto many dancefloors. The Melodica remix, a digital-only release found here, features stripped backed drums that leave room in the sonic field for Sebastian to play more with melody and depth. Subtly moving through echoing stabs, moody pads and slowly unfolding melodies the Melodica remix again gives the original piece a whole new identity. 

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