Sebastian Mullaert double remix on Siamese

Adriatique's Siamese label calls upon Sebastian Mullaert for two remixes of the same original cut.

After a string of care­ful­ly defined EP’s since its birth in 2016 Siamese launch­es their rework series offer­ing fresh inter­pre­ta­tions of pre­vi­ous­ly released tracks by a selec­tion of artists close to the label. The first edi­tion calls upon Eduar­do De La Calle, Siamese Soundsys­tem and a very famil­iar face in Sebas­t­ian Mullaert. 

As is often tra­di­tion, Sebas­t­ian deliv­ers more than one alter­na­tive ver­sion of the track in ques­tion. Pat­terns Of Eter­ni­ty’ was orig­i­nal­ly released on the imprints first EP orig­i­nal­ly pro­duced by label boss Adri­a­tique. The first of two remix­es, a lengthy 13.5‑minute rework found below, is a long­wind­ed jour­ney made up of grace­ful melod­ic break­downs which are sub­se­quent­ly met with pow­er­ful and ener­gis­ing drops. Sebas­t­ian uses soar­ing arpeg­giat­ed synth lines, warm bass notes and break­ing beats to deliv­er an out­landish remix that will no doubt finds its way onto many dance­floors. The Melod­i­ca remix, a dig­i­tal-only release found here, fea­tures stripped backed drums that leave room in the son­ic field for Sebas­t­ian to play more with melody and depth. Sub­tly mov­ing through echo­ing stabs, moody pads and slow­ly unfold­ing melodies the Melod­i­ca remix again gives the orig­i­nal piece a whole new identity. 

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