The Hacker Red Bull workshop and interview

French techno and electro legend The Hacker sat down with Red Bull Music for two extensive interviews.

The Hack­er is a long time play­er in the music indus­try with a wealth of expe­ri­ence and knowl­edge. From his ear­ly begin­nings in new wave bands to work­ing with Miss Kit­ten to his many solo projects, The Hack­er has built a discog­ra­phy of music that is respect­ed by many. In their lat­est work­shop series, Red Bull Music sat down with the man him­self to dive deep­er into his his­to­ry and dis­cuss the stu­dio equip­ment that got him started. 

The first of two inter­views see’s The Hack­er offer a work­shop to young pro­duc­ers about his favourite elec­tron­ic machines: Korg MS20, TR808 & Korg Sq 10. After touch­ing on his first intro­duc­tion to the three infa­mous stu­dio toys he goes on to demon­strate his tricks and tech­niques into manip­u­lat­ing them often paus­ing to elab­o­rate in detail on his approach. The sec­ond of the two inter­views is one for our French read­ers, here. Red Bull stopped by The Hack­er’s stu­dio to get a wider under­stand­ing of the French­man’s full stu­dio set up with lots of inter­est­ing tales along the way. Whether you’re a casu­al or long-time fan there is plen­ty to dis­cov­er across these two very insight­ful interviews. 

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