The Hacker Red Bull workshop and interview

French techno and electro legend The Hacker sat down with Red Bull Music for two extensive interviews. 

The Hacker is a long time player in the music industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge. From his early beginnings in new wave bands to working with Miss Kitten to his many solo projects, The Hacker has built a discography of music that is respected by many. In their latest workshop series, Red Bull Music sat down with the man himself to dive deeper into his history and discuss the studio equipment that got him started. 

The first of two interviews see’s The Hacker offer a workshop to young producers about his favourite electronic machines: Korg MS20, TR808 & Korg Sq 10. After touching on his first introduction to the three infamous studio toys he goes on to demonstrate his tricks and techniques into manipulating them often pausing to elaborate in detail on his approach. The second of the two interviews is one for our French readers, here. Red Bull stopped by The Hacker’s studio to get a wider understanding of the Frenchman’s full studio set up with lots of interesting tales along the way. Whether you’re a casual or long-time fan there is plenty to discover across these two very insightful interviews. 

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