Identified Patient - Kogeldans EP

Brace yourself as Identified Patient delivers four destructive tracks on Pinkman.

Identified Patient returns to Pinkman with his first solo release of 2019. With two previous outings on the label last year, to much acclaim, the young Dutchman is certainly no stranger to the outfit and is warmly welcomed back with this four-track EP titled Kogeldans. The label describes the EP as “4 dungenous slowbeat cuts, brimming with energy, emotion and attitude.”

The EP kicks off with Geen Syndroom where jaded, murky melodies go in tandem with sexy bass lines and an obliterating broken drum beat. Thereafter, Nog Steeds High Van De Lak progressively evokes feelings of desolation and melancholia, while carrying an aggressive punch and irresistible groove. Do the flip to find two more ferocious productions in Ver Verwijderd Van Vermoeid and Haar Glans Altijd Strak. The former grips you firmly with bubbling acid and machine gun snares on the backdrop of violent kicks. The latter ends the voyage entrancingly with hypnotic synth lines, whiplash-snares and rattlesnake-hats.” 

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