Gesloten Cirkel new music...

…under is Ratsnake alias. 

Catching us all by surprise Gesloten Cirkel comes out of the shadows to grace us all with a five-track outing. He does so via his Ratsnake alias which has been on hiatus since 2014. Considering the tracks were all made at home between March 16th-20th you could say this is his response to COVID-19 and its implications. 

2. that One time
3. it’s Berlin
4. deejays
5. four claps - You did it! 

Five tracks of unmerciful synth programming and crunchy punching rhythms. Expect lots of distortion and hardware freakiness. This was released last Friday via Bandcamp. A day where Bandcamp donated it’s usual fees to artists ‘as the scene grapples with the coronavirus pandemic’, see below. 

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