Legowelt: A Lonely Larper on LARPA net

Dan­ny Wolfers releas­es an album under his Alchem­u­la­tor alias.

Fol­low­ing on from his 2021 release on Hunger! Records, under the same Alchem­u­la­tor alias, Larp­ing at Fairsnake Ham­let, Dan­ny Wolfers presents A Lone­ly Larp­er on LARPA net.

In Dan­ny’s own words, the 10-track release is made up of sim­ple FM synths, old obso­lete’ sam­plers, syn­the­siz­er ballads…or haunto­log­i­cal hypno­gog­ic syn­the­siz­er folk songs,” with a bit of a devo­tion­al psy­che­del­ic space­jazz influ­ence,” for good measure. 

Lone­ly Larp­er on LARPA net is released on 19th May 2023, on Nightwind Records. The full release is yours via Band­camp, on a pay-as-you-feel’ basis. 

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