Ron Morelli: Studio Visit

Ron Morelli opens the door of his studio.

Known for its unapolo­get­i­cal­ly punk atti­tude towards dance music, while being well informed by ear­ly under­ground elec­tron­ic music, it’s no won­der why L.I.E.S has been a main­stay in the world of elec­tron­ic music for so long. His impact on con­tem­po­rary dance music start­ed with his NYC record label L.I.E.S in 2010. Today a decade lat­er, Ron Morel­li is based in Paris where he opened the doors of his stu­dio, where he spent the last 4 years putting his project togeth­er, break­ing down the direc­tion of the label, his music, and what inspired the incep­tion of the recent release Heart Stopper”.

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