Saoirse: Body Movements Festival

Saoirse is back with the third edi­tion of her co-cre­at­ed Body Move­ments Festival.

East Lon­don’s first queer elec­tron­ic music fes­ti­val returns with dozens of queer col­lec­tives. A place for queer and trans elec­tron­ic music to be applaud­ed, queer explo­ration to be encour­aged, and queer expres­sion to flourish

Over 30 queer col­lec­tives will be tak­ing the stage, includ­ing a whole range of new crews. The line­up includes Intro­spekt, HALF QUEEN, Aval­on Emer­son and Octo Octa, among oth­er tal­ents from across the globe.

Take a look at the Body Move­ments’ web­site.

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