Young Marco: Radio 1 Essential Mix

Young Mar­co select­ed the finest music being shared with him, mak­ing a spe­cial Radio 1 Essen­tial Mix.

I want­ed to do some­thing spe­cial so I did an open call for tracks and was amazed at how good all your stuff was. A lot of these artists have nev­er even released any music at all! The ener­gy is very real! This one is FOR THE PEO­PLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

Young Marco: Radio 1 Essential Mix


Kate­ri­na — Rain In Her Eyes
Torus — Salt­wa­ter
Kate­ri­na — High In The Sky (Angel In The mix) [Kotarak]
MLF — Here We Go
Smol­ny — Need Love (SLG’s Like It’s 1997 mix)
Sam Girling — Still Got U
Lucky Done Gone — Res­o­lu­tion
Ben­w­al — Wait a sec­ond
Bab & Kas­bah — Amine Break [Nowa­days]
Nozem — Prayer of Achilles (Vocal By Sis­ter of Iris) [Some­thing Hap­pen­ing, Some­where]
SLG — Friend­ship
11:68PM — Com­ing Apart
HDSN — Supreme Rave Cuts
Mar­ma Boog — Ulu­ru 160623
Kendal — Basorex­ia (Clint Alter­na­tive Remix) [Per­ma­nent Vaca­tion]
Hiv­er — Dream Uni­verse (Vocal Mix)
Nyra — Eupho­ria Dance [COR­RE­SPON­DANT]
Torus — Chroniko XXX
Arthur Lanoix — Come Una Stel­la
The Trip — Fan­tazia [Tes­sel­late]
Nazam­ba — Dance With Me
Chris­sy — The Oth­er Side [Dan­su Discs]
Chi­cane — Salt­wa­ter (Young Mar­co Remix)

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