Donato Dozzy: EX.675 Playing Favourites

Live at Dek­man­tel, the Ital­ian tech­no artist dis­sects the records that shaped his approach to DJing and production.

There are few artists as wide­ly respect­ed as Dona­to Dozzy, who is known for his unique approach to build­ing hyp­not­ic, acid-infused atmos­pheres as a solo artist and as one-half of Voic­es From The Lake. He is also a sin­gu­lar cura­tor at the head of Spazio Disponi­bile along­side Neel, and a DJ with a rep­u­ta­tion for build­ing sophis­ti­cat­ed and slow­ly unwind­ing sets at fes­ti­vals like Labyrinth, Ter­rafor­ma and Horst, as well as in pub­lic spaces and museums.

In this Exchange live from Dek­man­tel 2023, Res­i­dent Advi­sor’s edi­tor-in-chief, Whit­ney Wei, asks Dozzy about the songs that shaped his craft in our Play­ing Favourites flag­ship series. He takes us back to his child­hood, play­ing the first track that intro­duced him to elec­tron­ic music before mov­ing chrono­log­i­cal­ly through his life and the pieces that act­ed as lynch­pins in his cre­ative devel­op­ment. He dis­cuss­es how he grew up in a musi­cal house­hold, lis­ten­ing to clas­si­cal orches­tra­tions with his par­ents before find­ing Ita­lo dis­co and the stylings of Gior­gio Moroder, Lory D and The Future Sound of Lon­don. These albums, he says, influ­enced how he builds his sets, lean­ing into slow­ly unfold­ing nar­ra­tives as he moves from one track to another. 

When I start­ed releas­ing albums, I decid­ed that I want­ed to cre­ate stories

Donato Dozzy: EX.675 Playing Favourites


1. Fran­co Bat­tia­to — Sum­mer on a Soli­tary Beach

2. Gior­gio Moroder — The Chase

3. Lory D — Abrupt Interruption

4. The Future Sound of Lon­don — Cascade

5. Krud­er & Dorfmeis­ter — DJ Kicks 1996

6. Mike Park­er — Dispatches

7. Die Woodys — Fitchtl’s Lied

8. Verde Pra­to — Nina Sonando

9. Dona­to Dozzy — Valentina

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