Donato Dozzy: visioni sonore dalla via lattea n.2

Dive into Dona­to Dozzys new­ly release cos­mic journey.

Dona­to Dozzy, fol­low­ing his first visioni sonore dal­la via lat­tea, pub­lished anoth­er live set, record­ed live and specif­i­cal­ly con­ceived for and dur­ing Passeg­giate Poet­iche, at the beach of Sabau­dia.

The gold­en sand, stretch­ing for 25 km from the Circeo promon­to­ry to Capo Portiere has been the stage of Dona­to Dozzys con­tem­pla­tive sound instal­la­tion, where he took the audi­ence on a cos­mic jour­ney.

Visioni Sonore dal­la Via Lat­tea” is a trib­ute to the har­mo­ny between Man and Nature, set up to give voice to a unique envi­ron­ment in Italy pro­tect­ed by the Euro­pean Union. A hymn to life immersed in a nat­ur­al envi­ron­ment whose wealth of bio­di­ver­si­ty takes your breath away.

The set is now avail­able on soundcloud.

The con­cept behind the sounds of the Milky Way is obvi­ous­ly cos­mic in nature; it is a sound accom­pa­ni­ment that does not aim to alter the nat­ur­al bal­ance of the sea and stars, but seeks to enhance it. Groups of sounds cre­at­ed with pre­cious syn­the­sis­ers will fol­low each oth­er through­out the expe­ri­ence, a set of colours and dream­like sug­ges­tions, almost as if to recall the song of the sirens.”

Donato Dozzy: visioni sonore dalla via lattea n.2

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