Interstellar Funk: Origins tape 113

Inter­stel­lar Funk record­ed a mix for Ori­gins, with some old and new gems forthcoming.

Instead of repeat­ing the tricks that saw him break­through, he prefers to have fun mix­ing up the old with the new and join the dots between inspi­ra­tions from the past and take risks on unknown futures, keep­ing both him­self and his dancers on their toes.

Dri­ven by a heavy bass addic­tion, an uncon­di­tion­al love for ana­logue synths and a crav­ing for dusty drums, Inter­stel­lar Funk dis­cov­ers more and more old and new gems by the day.

Check out the arti­cle on Ori­gins, while lis­ten­ing to the mix. 


1. Fall from Grace — Sepehr

2. Long Hyp­no­sis — Azu Tiwaline

3. Bot­tom of the field — Pri­ori Presents Red

4. Snares and tem­pa­tions — Sons of Slough 

5. Mag­ic or Illu­sions — Kas­ra V

6. You know what’s up — Pangaea

7. From Hunk to Husk — Karenn

8. Sin­miedo — Jon­ny from Space

9. Laz­er — Boddika 

10. Rip to my idea of you — Robert Dietz

11. Lurk — Ayesha 

12. Talk­ing to the wind — Sam Goku

13. Mei Long — Azu Tiwaline’

14. Approach — Fireground

15. Koraimer Bro — Dario Zenker

16. Easy does it — Tons of Tones

17. Light­house Mas­ter — Theo Kottis 

18. Rain­drops on Ros­es (1989) — Phon­ic boy on Dope

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