Sassy J: presents 'A Sanctuary'

Hurry up and get Sassy J's tape, she just released on her own label Patchwork.

The blend exclu­sive­ly show­cas­es unre­leased tracks. In her own words: an explo­ration of sounds, realms, atmos­pheres, and dynam­ics devot­ed to the uni­ty and empow­er­ment of inde­pen­dent artists.” Sassy J invests con­sid­er­able time in craft­ing numer­ous musi­cal jour­neys. Voy­ages across the lim­it­less realm, son­i­cal­ly inter­con­nect­ed by years of music evo­lu­tion, or an instant arrival as if tied togeth­er by son­ic wormholes.

Her diverse cura­tion delves into the sub­con­scious emo­tions that music can evoke. Is it intend­ed to guide, stim­u­late thought, bring joy, or prompt con­tem­pla­tion of mis­for­tune? What­ev­er its pur­pose, it all unfolds right here at Patch­work. The wide­ly embraced echo cham­ber speaks to its own audi­ence, while the free­dom of sound com­pels one to ques­tion whether they will ever tru­ly com­pre­hend the full spec­trum of what music can be.

Order via the fol­low­ing link.

A lust for musi­cal growth fuels Sassy’s quest for the iden­ti­cal but oppo­site, sim­i­lar yet con­trast­ing, ener­gised and chilled sound that all fit per­fect­ly together.

Sassy J: presents 'A Sanctuary'

Side 1 
A1 Moli­naro — If Sun­light Pass­es Through
A2 Pablo Col­or — Luz Vio­le­ta
A3 Left Bank — Theme From Extase
A4 Bsa Gold — In The Light Of Spring
A5 Car­los Niño & Friends — Pat­terns
Fea­tur­ing Zeroh, Jamael Dean & Jesse Peter­son
A6 Moli­naro — Ridge Of Toc­co
A7 Suzanne Kraft — Créme (Rough Mix)
A8 Jon­ti — Secret Beach
A9 Kai­di Tatham — The Cloud Is Back
A10 The Abstract Eye — Gears Not Work­ing
(Alter­nate Take)
A11 K15 — Star 22
A12 Fourth Kind — Too Many Let­ters
A13 Ashtre­jink­ins — Cin­na­mon Vision

Side 2
B1 Greg Beato — For Sassy J
B2 Greg Beato & Kyle Hall — Maduros
B3 Afrikan Sci­ences — Per­sis­tere
B4 Legow­elt — Waver Track
B5 Hiero­glyph­ic Being — Why Peo­ple Cant Wake Up
B6 Julion De’angelo — Sug­ar In The Raw Ost
B7 Alex Attias & Sassy J — Atair’s Flight
B8 Build An Ark With Spe­cial Guest — Free­dom Live
(Nate Mer­cereau & Car­los Niño Remix)
B9 2000black — Sus­pi­cious Numbers

Com­piled & Mixed: Sassy J
Mas­ter­ing: Matt Lord
Art­work: Sassy J
Lay­out: Didi­er Stud­er
Label: Patch­work

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