Interstellar Funk: In The Studio

Inter­stel­lar Funk know for his pro­duc­tions on labels like Rush Hour and Dek­man­tel opened the door of his stu­dio in Ams­ter­dam to give some insights into his work­flow and cre­ative process. 

Thanks to his broth­er, who used to do par­ties in Ams­ter­dam in a club called Club 11, a pre­de­ces­sor of what is De School today, Inter­stel­lar Funk had his first imprint­ing with elec­tron­ic music. Get­ting clos­er to turnta­bles, records and the over­all hard­ware became the next step, and what he still keeps on doing today. While show­ing us his mod­u­lar syn­the­siz­ers, he digs deep­er into his cre­ative workflow. 

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