NVST: 'Silence Itself Is Noise' is out

NVSTs debut for SSPB in its entire­ty, with Silence Itself Is Noise‘ is out everywhere. 

Silence Itself Is Noise pro­vides a con­cise and thrilling dis­til­la­tion of her eclec­tic sound world and straf­ing club sets, per­fect­ly reflect­ing the pow­er of the title with expan­sive atmos­pheres haunt­ed by skit­ter­ing echoes of the dance­floor.

Through­out, NVST acts as a spir­i­tu­al guide through col­laged imagery and son­ics that shift on a knife-edge with­out ever shat­ter­ing the trance. Each track feels like fleet­ing mem­o­ries of the club fil­tered through the human expe­ri­ence — flick­er­ing moments illu­mi­nat­ed by strobes and shroud­ed in smoke, laced with the tang of sweat and psychedelics. 

Open­er Tiny Mis­takes Feel­ing HOT (Hellis­no­tamyth ver­sion)” coa­lesces from curl­ing vapors into infer­nal acid lines and rhyth­mic frag­ments that evap­o­rate almost as soon as they appear. The Dev­il Loves The Detail (Lucifer’s Fire Ver­sion)” builds into an inescapable pulse amidst frayed syn­the­siz­ers, pres­sure build­ing to fever pitch before The Dan­ger Zone Of GFY (Free­dom Ver­sion)” opens out into icy, astral synths. Mon­ster of Busi­ness (Style Edi­tion)” shifts clos­er to the dance­floor with a slink­ing, syn­co­pat­ed groove, con­ver­sa­tions from the smok­ing area or stu­dio creep­ing in at the edges, before erupt­ing into the fraz­zled bounce of The Goat and the Night.” The Silence Itself is Noise (Non­stop Bass Ver­sion)” loops back once again to more cav­ernous atmos­pheres, warped bells and straf­ing melod­ic flour­ish­es ring­ing out amidst fizzing dis­tor­tion and skele­tal per­cus­sion.

Silence Itself is Noise doesn’t clam­our for atten­tion, it neces­si­tates it. Once again, NVST proves her­self unafraid to chal­lenge club ortho­doxy, and unwill­ing to patron­ize lis­ten­ers, instead mak­ing deft use of ten­sion and release to cre­ate gen­uine moments of sur­prise and transcendence.

It’s a tru­ly stun­ning col­lec­tion of tracks that stays true to its title – mak­ing potent use of space and silence to amp up the pressure.

Lim­it­ed 12″ Vinyl.

All sleeves and cov­ers are made of 100% recy­cled material.

A1 / 01 Tiny Mis­takes Feel­ing Hot (Hellis­no­tamyth Version)

A2 / 02 The Dev­il Loves The Detail (Lucifer’s Fire Version)

A3 / 03 The Dan­ger Zone Of GFY (Free­dom Version)

A4 / 04 Mon­ster Of Busi­ness (Style Edition)

B1 / 05 The Goat And The Night

B2 / 06 Silence Itself Is Noise (Non­stop Bass Version)

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