Peter Van Hoesen: From blank canvas to sonic inventions

Back in November, Konduit was released, a sound collection created in collaboraton with Orchestral Tools. Through this interview Peter dives deep into the creative process behind Konduit.

Peter Van Hoe­sen’s musi­cal brain adds anoth­er lay­er of mean­ing to the name of Orches­tral Tools’ new sam­ple library, Kon­duit. Not only is his brain the con­duit through which ideas flow, it pro­vides a glimpse into the impro­visato­ry and live side of sound design in all its open-end­ed pos­si­bil­i­ties. There’s an intense method that allows the neu­rons to con­nect quick­ly as he builds new patch­es from scratch.

Van Hoe­sen has turned entire­ly to live per­for­mance in his tech­no shows, bring­ing the same expan­sive sound worlds from his pro­duc­tions into the live con­text, both as a solo artist and when work­ing with Atom­TM or as half of Sendai. Here, he focus­es on synths and sound pro­cess­ing, while Orches­tral Tools’ Cor­nelius Duerst adds gui­tar and bass lay­ers pro­duced with var­i­ous tech­niques — a kind of sound design coun­ter­part to Peter’s oth­er duos. Many of those lay­ers are so heav­i­ly processed you may not rec­og­nize the gui­tar source, like an addi­tion­al dimen­sion of sound synthesis.

If you are curi­ous to know what sup­ports this gen­er­a­tive cre­ative process, and how these sounds evolve from patch­es and gear to pro­cess­ing and the final sig­nal chain, read the full inter­view via the fol­low­ing link.

For more infor­ma­tion on Kon­duit, click here.

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