Bradley Zero presents: Rhythm Section 200324

Anoth­er NTS show, tar­get­ed Rhythm sec­tion by Bradley Zero can be lis­tened back to.

Dur­ing this show,you can enjoy a lit­tle chat with cousin kula, going into the detail about the incred­i­ble new album Vit­a­min D, which chan­nels their psy­che­del­ic soul sounds into a more dis­co tinged territory.

The show fol­lows with some more soul­ful grooves, includ­ing news tracks from Likes of Gary Roma­lis, Scott Grooves and Dee Dig­gs, before head­ing towards some clas­sics from the 90s, pepped upo with come con­tem­po­rary tech­no bits from likes of Paler­mo, LEOD, Kush Jones and Peter Pres­sure.⁠ Enjoy it!

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