Donato Dozzy: 124 (2024 Repress) Tresor 332

The repress of 124 is final­ly back in stock. ⁠124 rep­re­sents Dona­to Dozzy ever-expand­ing his pow­ers and musi­cal free­dom. His innate groove and inven­tive sound design push min­i­mal and serene tech­no with a sub­stan­tial weight and voice that sets him apart from others.

On its 30th year Dona­to Dozzy returns to Tre­sor Records with a new EP enti­tled 124. The record fol­lows a majes­tic appear­ance on the Tre­sor 30 anniver­sary com­pi­la­tion and his expert devo­tion to the Roland TB-303, Filo Loves The Acid. True to form, 124 med­dles sharp rhyth­mic min­i­mal­ism and diverse tex­tures, each track push­ing at the epiphan­ic thresh­old as the boss of Spazio Disponi­bile allows his deeply intu­itive pro­duc­tions to take effect.

messy kaf­ka world” intro­duces a fre­net­ic and con­cen­trat­ed atmos­phere of rhyth­mic forces, hal­lu­ci­na­to­ry and euphor­ic in effect. Its dizzy­ing stac­ca­to loops are giv­en struc­ture by strength­en­ing beats and bleak syn­thet­ic pil­lars. syn­thi chase” emits rad­i­cal pow­ers, as buzzing rhythms and monot­o­ne synths make raw ges­tures towards altered states. It shares a kin­dred spir­it with cas­siopeia 36”, seen in par­tic­u­lar through its deter­mined and prim­i­tive puls­es, nest­ed with­in wob­bling wood per­cus­sion and ner­vous synth rep­e­ti­tions. wood­en dolls don’t cry” stamps a warm groove, its tem­pered per­cus­sion tak­ing cen­tre stage as shim­mer­ing melod­ic loops threat­en spi­ralling feed­back. These dark, hyp­not­ic tracks are flaw­less­ly pro­grammed to cast mes­mer­ic momen­tums onto club floors and into loos­ened limbs.

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