Saoirse: pre-order of The Monogamous EP

Saoirse is back with a forth­com­ing 5‑tracks EP, enti­tled The Monog­a­mous, on the leg­endary Peach Discs label.

Most of the tracks are root­ed in the lock­down. As Saoirse her­self said I was spend­ing so much time in the stu­dio (even sleep­ing there some nights) and was real­ly able to explore dif­fer­ent sounds and vibes.”

Vam­pire Heart, which specif­i­cal­ly was writ­ten the day the gov­ern­ment announced that the peak of Covid had passed, pros­per­ing for a pos­si­ble return to a social life, an aspect which Saoirse tried to con­vey by employ­ing pads and break to sug­gest a pos­i­tive feel­ing. On the oth­er hand Cat­fished is the oppo­site, it was writ­ten dur­ing the Covid’s peak, want­i­ng to clear­ly reflect this haunt­ing loop that just kept going around with­out clear­ly know­ing when it would end. 

Man­go­mouse and Heat­ed Cloud are more recent addi­tions, and go into what Saoirse defined as her more trib­al era, remind­ing of her past as a drummer.

Hear clips of the full EP here: on​.sound​cloud​.com/​r​5​Y​F​t​B​n​G​m​W​Y​Y​JLn38

29th March — Man­go­mouse” released
19th April — Full EP released

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