Donato Dozzy uploads first ever hybrid set

Here comes a world’s first: a hybrid DJ/​live set from Ital­ian tech­no crafts­man Dona­to Dozzy (Voic­es from the Lake, Aqua­plano). Record­ed at Goa Club in Rome dur­ing the Anar­chy in the Club par­ty in Jan­u­ary, this set was con­struct­ed as warm up for Move D and uses bits of kit such as the Elek­tron Octa­track, TR-909, Acid­Lab Mia­mi, Re-20 Boss SpaceE­cho, Allen Heath Mix­er Wiz­ard 3- 14:4:2. It is a warm, hyp­not­ic mix of dynam­ic house, dub, tech­no and ambi­ent sound design that real­ly sucks you in a proves there is noth­ing Dona­to can’t do!

For more info on Dona­to Dozzy check out his full artist pro­file over here.

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