Dexter co-produces Virginia album on Ostgut Ton

Electro wizard, dexterous DJ and studio master Dexter has co-produced Viginia's album on Ostgut Ton. He -who has worked with Steffi and Virginia before- has been called upon to help lay down an intimate house portrait that is filled with rich and timeless electronic influences. You can tune in to clips here, whilst the man himself explains that, "It all kinda started after 'Treasure Seeking'. Virginia, Steffi and I all share the same taste and we think the same about music. For this album project - which took about a year since I joined - they both had a bunch of sketches and loops, which I took into the studio to operate on and sent back and forth. Eventually when it all got more shape, I went to Berlin a few times where we worked in Steffi's studio using a wide range of machines such as the Polysix, JX3P, Waldorf Pulse, Moog Phatty, and tons of other outboard gear. For me it was extra interesting and challenging as working with vocals asks for a different approach than instrumental club tracks. The same excitement goes for when we perform the album live: I'm working the synthesizers, percussion and FX, Virginia is on vocals, and Steffi is on the arrangements and backing vocals."

For more info on Dexter check out his full artist profile over here.

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