New Smackos album from Legowelt

Sev­en years after his last release as Smack­os, music mak­ing machine Legow­elt sur­pris­es us all with A Vam­pire Goes West,’ a brand new and ever-exper­i­men­tal ambi­ent album.

It comes on his own Nightwind label on Jan­u­ary 24th and was made in total iso­la­tion on the North Sea coast last Christ­mas. As for the music, it is smudgy and cos­mic; an all out ama­teur space­jazz spir­i­tu­al ambi­ent erup­tion on smudgey cas­set­te­tape” that will take you far away from real­i­ty across 14 absorb­ing and atmos­pher­ic cuts. It includes some extra fun treats too: a fridge mag­net and microzine with a map in ASCII art that has a quest attached to it which, if decod­ed, reveals a pass­word that unlocks some secret and spe­cial prizes. Check out sam­ples here and good luck on the quest!

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