Watch a short documentary about Soichi Terada

The Japan­ese artist opens up about his begin­nings and how they unfolded.

The name Soichi Ter­a­da has made its way onto many peo­ples radar over the past few years no thanks to the reis­sue of Sounds From The Far East and his excep­tion­al show­man­ship as a live act. How­ev­er, for some, he has been a firm favourite stretch­ing all the way back to the 80’s thanks to count­less releas­es on his own imprint Far East Record­ing and his work on video game sound­tracks such as Ape Escape. With such a rich his­to­ry in music its no sur­prise Toco Toco Tv was intrigued to find out more. In the 11 minute doc­u­men­tary, they explore the roots of his label, meet­ing Lar­ry Lev­an, his time work­ing on video game sound­tracks and more!

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