Casper Tielrooij's takeover of Rinse FM

The Dek­man­tel co-founder served up the sec­ond instal­ment of the new­ly formed Dek­man­tel Soundsys­tem show on Rinse FM.

Every third Sat­ur­day of the month Dek­man­tel Soundsys­tems Thomas Mar­to­jo and Casper Tiel­rooij take turns in host­ing a new­ly formed 2‑hour show for Rinse FM. The debut show in March seen Thomas kick things off paving the way for Casper to fol­low up in the April edition.

With a grace­ful intro­duc­tion of warm ambi­ent tracks, it does­n’t take long for the first beat to drop and for the play­ful grooves to pour in. From Russ­ian elec­tron­ics to down­tem­po balearic num­bers to dis­co and Brazil­ian obscu­ri­ties the show takes many turns. Over the course of the two hours the tem­po peaks no high­er than 110 beats per minute which should keep you feel­ing har­mo­nious and at ease. Take a lis­ten for your­self below. 

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