Interstellar Funk b2b Elena Colombi @ Dekmantel Sao Paulo 2018

Relive the Rush hour favourites b2b set with Elena Colombi from Dekmantel Sao Paulo 2018.

Back to back sets can often be really hit or miss but it comes as no surprise the collaborative efforts from these two knock it out the park. Warming things up midafternoon on the final day of the festival the pair set the tone with an energising display of sophisticated electronic obscurities. 

Diving straight into it the pair kick things off pacing through down-tempo new beat, darkwave and acid cuts. Complementing each others style with ease the mix progresses very organically creating moments of spaced out madness but also highly energetic euphoria. Despite being a real diggers selection the pair still find time to incorporate a few classic numbers from the likes of I-F, Anne Clarke and The Prodigy. Take a listen to the gripping affair below. 

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