Ron Morelli DISAPPEARER album

The New York native pays homage to cassette culture with his latest full-length album landing on the prestigious Hospital Productions. 

Ron Morelli has put together a 13 track album for his returning release on the American based label. “Composed over the last two years in various foul states, the album is a fusion of base level hardware programming, open room mic recordings and extensive computer processing, all finalized in the Paris studio of Krikor Kouchian.”

At present DISAPPEARER can be purchased in the form of a cassette from the L.I.E.S. website here, but will also be available to buy as an LP or digitally in the near future. The album digs deep into the punk roots of the L.I.E.S. boss as he touches upon everything from raw industrial techno to mind-bending electronics and sinisterly cold ambience. This is one not for the faint-hearted! Check it out here.

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