Ron Morelli DISAPPEARER album

The New York native pays homage to cassette culture with his latest full-length album landing on the prestigious Hospital Productions. 

Ron Morel­li has put togeth­er a 13 track album for his return­ing release on the Amer­i­can based label. Com­posed over the last two years in var­i­ous foul states, the album is a fusion of base lev­el hard­ware pro­gram­ming, open room mic record­ings and exten­sive com­put­er pro­cess­ing, all final­ized in the Paris stu­dio of Krikor Kouchian.”

At present DIS­AP­PEAR­ER can be pur­chased in the form of a cas­sette from the L.I.E.S. web­site here, but will also be avail­able to buy as an LP or dig­i­tal­ly in the near future. The album digs deep into the punk roots of the L.I.E.S. boss as he touch­es upon every­thing from raw indus­tri­al tech­no to mind-bend­ing elec­tron­ics and sin­is­ter­ly cold ambi­ence. This is one not for the faint-heart­ed! Check it out here.

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