5+ hours recording of Antal at OHM

Check out what Antal had in store on his latest visit to Berlin. 

Ear­li­er this month Antal was back in Berlin to play OHM for the Altered Soul Exper­i­ment crew. Clos­ing down the par­ty with a lengthy 5.5‑hour set the Rush Hour boss man was noth­ing short of his usu­al high standards. 

To list off all the gen­res and sub­gen­res cov­ered through­out the set would­n’t leave much room to say any­thing else but as peo­ple have come to expect from Antal his selec­tions cov­er one side of the globe to the oth­er. From obscu­ri­ties to well-known clas­sics there isn’t a moment where you don’t feel the irre­sistible need to dance. As the Altered Soul Exper­i­ment crew put it, His abil­i­ty to keep the ener­gy of the dance floor sus­tained for many, many hours is a tes­ta­ment to his expe­ri­ence and a prop­er reflec­tion of a true DJ.’ Enjoy the ride below. 

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