5+ hours recording of Antal at OHM

Check out what Antal had in store on his latest visit to Berlin. 

Earlier this month Antal was back in Berlin to play OHM for the Altered Soul Experiment crew. Closing down the party with a lengthy 5.5-hour set the Rush Hour boss man was nothing short of his usual high standards. 

To list off all the genres and subgenres covered throughout the set wouldn’t leave much room to say anything else but as people have come to expect from Antal his selections cover one side of the globe to the other. From obscurities to well-known classics there isn’t a moment where you don’t feel the irresistible need to dance. As the Altered Soul Experiment crew put it, ‘His ability to keep the energy of the dance floor sustained for many, many hours is a testament to his experience and a proper reflection of a true DJ.’ Enjoy the ride below. 

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