DJ Nobu lands on BleeD compilation

Japanese techno legend DJ Nobu pitches in on the labels first compilation. 

Volte-Face’s BleeD label shall release an 8 track compilation this July titled Social Sculpture. The compilation plays host to a few new faces in the form of Refracted, Opuswerk, BLNDR and AWB while bringing back on board Peder Mannerfelt and the mighty DJ Nobu

The release gets its name from influential German artist Joseph Beuys’ theory of an expanded definition of art, one that deals with its potential to shape society and politics.”

DJ Nobu’s addition is a deep techno affair oozed in aquatic tones. Percussive hits and squelching stabs playfully run in unison on top of a daunting backing track of sinister pads and soundscapes. With a driving low end and subtle changes, the track is a real mind bender! Check out the samples at Juno here

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