RA Reviews: Donato Dozzy - Filo Loves The Acid

Resident Advisor shared their thoughts and opinions on Donato Dozzy’s latest album on Tresor Records. 

Earlier this month Donato Dozzy released an acid infused album on the legendary Tresor Records marking their 303rd release. Over 8 tracks the versatile Italian producer pays homage to the iconic Roland TB-303, a studio tool that “has shone through in many of his records.”

The interview reflects on how Donato uses the TB-303 in his distinct style notably mentioning releases such as his collaboration with  DJ, “Tutto Positivo”, his standout track “Gol” and his contributions on Acid Test, “a label focussed specifically on creative uses of the 303.” Moving onto the release itself the interview touches on the perfectly executed simplicity of the record. It credits Donato on his great “understanding of the 303 as a tool for building tension and release” and goes into depth on his use of this on a selection of the LP’s tracks. A lengthy but very enjoyable read, find it here!

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