Neel new EP on TOKEN

For his first full solo EP of the year, Neel returns to Token with four fresh cuts.  

After his roaring EP last year “Calcata” Neel regroups with the Belgian based imprint for another four tracked techno-fueled release. “Transition continues in this vein. Conceptually based around four elements in the group known as the transition metals and recorded live in one take, each track is a mind-bending trip through the periodic table that retains the human touch of a live performance”

Neel fuses rhythm and texture with techno and ambience which always produces great results. Tracks “Afnio” and “Vanadio” are deep, minimal offerings built around rolling low ends while “Renio” and “Osmio” feature mind-bending melodies and possess a more dramatic edge. Get a feel for the EP in the samples below. 

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