Peter Van Hoesen features on Lavibe

The Belgian techno legend provides an infectious B side for the next release on Lavibe.  

Lavibe is the birth child of Concrete’s artistic director Brice Coudert. Brice explained he formed the label as “a way for me to explore deeper, and more specifically, the kind of music I’m really into.” He said this new project is a chance to differentiate from Concrete Music releases, which are “a bit wider musically, as [the label] represents all the musical genres we’re doing at the club.” Following on from the debut release, a split EP with Marco Shuttle and Bambounou, Lavibe returns with another 2 track split EP from Peter Van Hoesen and Simo Cell. 

Peter Van Hoesen’s addition to the release, ‘Cygnus Atratus’, captures a side of the Time To Express boss we rarely catch a glimpse of. Leaving his usual deeply rooted, mind-bending techno textures aside he provides a very playful and uplifting B side ready for igniting dancefloors far and wide. Peter dresses spiralling stabs notes, acid synth lines, and busy drum patterns with a cunning blend of delays and reverb for a very infectious and groove-filled cut. Have a listen in the preview below. 

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