Ron Morelli "Laugh Taker" Official Music Video

Check out the music video of the opening cut from Ron Morelli’s forthcoming album. 

The clock is counting down for the release of Ron Morelli’s album on Hospital Records titled DISAPPEARER. The 13 track album will release later this month and has already got the electronic freaks buzzing. Earlier this summer Ron previewed the opening cut “Laugh Taker” via the LIES Soundcloud page which sounds like a bastard child of Unit Moebius’ “Overload” and Winx rave classic “Don’t Laugh”. “This is straight up gutter warehouse gear made for the DJs to mix and the freaks to lose it to, plain and simple.”

The video is a perfect visual representation of the track reflecting its raw, bold and to the point nature. Using flashing colours, morphing sequences and disturbing footage director Danny Perez produced, chopped, and sliced an “unrelenting head trip to its fullest leaving nothing in its wake.” Check it out below. 

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