The Hacker RA Podcast

Serving up the latest Resident Advisor podcast is The Hacker

It’s no doubt that the Resident Advisor podcast series is considered one of the most prolific out there. In over 600+ podcasts Resident Advisor has invited a long list of artists ranging from the highest of profile DJ’s too serious diggers your average music fan is yet to discover. Marking the 643rd edition is a true veteran of the game and a real fans favourite in The Hacker.

Over the course of an hour, Michael Amato AKA The Hacker provides an absolute masterclass through EBM and Electro. People often forgot that while genres like EBM and Electro have fallen into the trend as of recent artists such as The Hacker have been a fan and loyal to this sound since its induction. However, that being said the mix also showcases his understanding of the now as he blends the old and the new with his usual energetic and aggressive mixing style. Expect cult classics such as Front 242’s ‘Masterhit’ alongside favourites from this year such as Identified Patient’s ‘Nothing Happened’. All in all the mix is a true masterpiece showcasing why The Hacker is still considered one of the best in his field. Tune in below, and get the backstory about the podcast from Resident Advisor here

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