The Hacker RA Podcast

Serving up the latest Resident Advisor podcast is The Hacker.

It’s no doubt that the Res­i­dent Advi­sor pod­cast series is con­sid­ered one of the most pro­lif­ic out there. In over 600+ pod­casts Res­i­dent Advi­sor has invit­ed a long list of artists rang­ing from the high­est of pro­file DJ’s too seri­ous dig­gers your aver­age music fan is yet to dis­cov­er. Mark­ing the 643rd edi­tion is a true vet­er­an of the game and a real fans favourite in The Hacker.

Over the course of an hour, Michael Ama­to AKA The Hack­er pro­vides an absolute mas­ter­class through EBM and Elec­tro. Peo­ple often for­got that while gen­res like EBM and Elec­tro have fall­en into the trend as of recent artists such as The Hack­er have been a fan and loy­al to this sound since its induc­tion. How­ev­er, that being said the mix also show­cas­es his under­stand­ing of the now as he blends the old and the new with his usu­al ener­getic and aggres­sive mix­ing style. Expect cult clas­sics such as Front 242’s Mas­ter­hit’ along­side favourites from this year such as Iden­ti­fied Patien­t’s Noth­ing Hap­pened’. All in all the mix is a true mas­ter­piece show­cas­ing why The Hack­er is still con­sid­ered one of the best in his field. Tune in below, and get the back­sto­ry about the pod­cast from Res­i­dent Advi­sor here

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