Legowelt podcast and interview for Bass Agenda

Danny Wolfers serves up 90 minutes of blistering electro and explains the inspirations behind his sound.

Bass Agenda is a UK based radio show and record label primarily focused on the underground sounds of electro and occasionally techno. Their radio show broadcasts monthly on Fridays on Future Music.FM at 20:00 GMT and on 313Live in Detroit on Sundays at 20.00 EST. The show aims to explore “the diversity, talent and influencers in the broad spectrums that are the Electro & Techno genres: past, present and future.” Featuring on this months edition is a widely recognised name in the underground circles of electronic music, Legowelt

Across 90 minutes Legowelt unravels his 20 + years of music alongside classics from legendary producers such as Aphex Twin. He kicks things off with cuts from his primary Legowelt moniker before touching on his long host of aliases such as Squadro Blanco, Smackos and Polarius with occasional anecdotes along the way. Alongside this deep exploration into Legowelt’s discography is a very insightful interview which he opens up about his musical influences, how he first discovered the sounds of Italo and electro and what drives his infamous synth obsession. Lock into the mix and interview below. 

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