Roland unravel Neel's forthcoming release

Neel talks with Roland about his next release landing on One Instrument. 

As this November draws to a close Neel will release on the Berlin-based and deeply conceptual record label One Instrument. The label, ran by Grand River, releases compositions created by artists who have accepted the challenge to produce a sound experiment with the restriction of using only one instrument and adhering to specific guidelines.

Neel produced two tracks for the release using a different piece of studio gear for each. Side A features “Aria” a 22-minute exploration through the power of the E340 Cloud Generator of Synthesis Technology. The flip side, however, was crafted using the boutique version of one of Neel’s all-time favourite synths and a true classic in the Roland SH-101.

It didn’t take long for Roland to hear the news about Neel’s track titled “The Morning After” which pays homage to one of their most famous creations sparking an interview to unravel the whole process. Follow the link, here, where you will find Neel talk about his inspirations for the track, how he uses the SH-01A, his love for hardware instruments and much more!

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