Ron Morelli at Dommune

Ron Morelli delivers a heavy assault for his performance at Dommune.

Dommune is a live streaming studio opened in 2010 by Naohiro Ukawa, a prominent figure in the art scene of Japan. Following the closure of Microoffice in 2008, Ukawa set up Dommune as a new cultural base. Talk shows, DJs and live performances are featured on weekdays between 19:00 and 24:00, which are also relayed through Ustream and Twitter.

The past few weekends have seen Ron Morelli embark on an Asia Tour in light of his latest album, DISAPPEARER, on the prestigious Hospital Productions. The tour featured shows in both Japan and South Korea including a stop at one of Tokyo’s most exciting cultural bases Dommune. Over the course of 2 hours, the L.I.E.S boss man delivered a no mercy display of electronic destructiveness. From start to finish he showcases a blistering assault of pounding high tempo cuts that are oozing in gritty distortion and backed by thumping drum patterns. Expect tracks from the likes of Regis, Population One, Planetary Assault Systems and many more.

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