Watch Circle of Live at Freerotation 2018

Dig a little deeper into Sebastian Mullaert’s Circle Of Live with this hour excerpt from their performance from Freerotation Festival. 

In addition to their detailed documentary that unravels and explores Sebastian Mullaert’s latest concept, Circle Of Live, Resident Advisor premiered an hour from their debut performance at the legendary Welsh festival Freerotation. Streaming live through their Facebook and Youtube platforms the hour-long excerpt, taken from an 8-hour performance, captures the spontaneity and improvisation of the artists working collectively but also individually. 

The diverse and healthy line up consisted of Sebastian Mullaert, Johanna Knutsson, Dorisburg,  Mathew Jonson, and Freerotation co-founders Steevio and Suzybee. Tuning into the feature below you will find the artists “follow Mullaert into a fluid volley of musical ideas, jumping in when they have something to add, the rest of the time hanging back and listening.” It’s truly a unique experience which in Sebastian’s words “no video or photo will ever be representative for the energy in that room but here you have a little glimpse or maybe a trigger of a good memory if you were there”. 

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