Bradley Zero at The Tate

The Rhythm Section boss man shares one of his most memorable performances of the year. 

Late last month Bradley Zero was invited to play at ‘Tate Modern’ which is Britain’s national gallery of international modern art and forms. The event, Uniqlo Tate Lates, is one of the latest projects from Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo. The concept is a unique blend of emerging and established DJs selected by NTS Radio, alongside world-class exhibitions, discover pop-up talks, playful artistic activations and hands-on workshops. 

When sharing the mix Bradley attached a long and detailed text which paints the full picture. Here’s what he had to say;

The live recording of my set from the Tate Modern is up now on NTS Radio, and it might just be my favourite performance of the year.

Given the challenge of playing in the worlds foremost institutional performance space, I knew I had to pull something special out of the bag. I wanted to test the sound system and provide a mix that was experimental but not chin-strokey. Not the easiest task eh?! But I’m pleased to say I think I pulled it off…

Beginning with ambience and experimental electronics from the likes of Mika Vainio, alva noto and Frank Brettschneider, I slowly worked the rhythm in to get people moving whilst keeping the soundscape otherworldly and clinical to fit the setting of the alien tanks.

Before I’d reached 100bpm, hips began to sway which gave me the confidence to push the tempo forward whilst keeping things weird. By the end, I was surrounded by people throwing serious shapes to the most challenging sounds.

It was a great test and proved to be a real learning curve; a situation that forced me to play in a whole new way, while indulging in some of my favourite music from past present and future that often gets underrepresented in my club & radio sets.

Hope you enjoy x”

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