I-F at Dekmantel Selectors 2018

Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ takes us back to the summer with the recording of his mind-blowing set at Dekmantel Selectors. 

Over the last few years, Dekmantel Festival has spread its wings from the beautiful nature at Amsterdamse Bos to several different locations stretching as far as Tokyo and São Paulo. Their meticulously selected lineups are always a compelling blend of seasoned vets and new faces that features both local and outsourced artists. However, one name that you can regularly find on their lineups is one of Holland’s most iconic underground figures in I-F

At this years Dekmantel Selectors, housed in the picturesque beaches of Tisno Croatia, the festival came to an abrupt halt when bad weather struck the grounds. After some quick tactical thinking, the crew set up a gigantic tent and people were eager to continue dancing. As the day drew to a close I-F stepped up to relight the fire and who better for the job? He raises pulses from the first beat pacing through electro and house classics, such as The Egyptian Lover - Girls and Phuture - Your Only Friend, showcasing his vast wealth of musical knowledge. Diving further into the two-hour long recording you’ll find he keeps things diverse and unpredictable, as he always does. From golden 80’s classics to furious acid lines to numerous I-F edits and selections from his Murder Capital and Viewlexx outlets there are many stops along the journey. Grab your nearest headphones and listen to this one below!

Photo by: Bart Heemskerk

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